By Curt Guyette

Published: February 8, 2012, Metro Times

The group Moratorium Now, along with its allies in the Occupy movement and others, has been racking up a string of victories since last December.

By taking to the streets — or even just threatening to take to the streets — the activists have been able to get big banks to reverse course and halt foreclosure-related evictions that seemed imminent.

The effort to help Chris Jaszczak keep his café, performance space and loft at 1515 Broadway in Detroit was a particularly high-profile crusade that resulted in Citibank giving the local businessman a loan modification instead of the boot, as it was ready to do.

But there have been less-noticed victories as well, including one last week when the Bank of New York Mellon relented and allowed Bertha and William Garrett to remain in their northwest Detroit home. They’d been renting a home that was foreclosed on. But instead of watching as their possessions were loaded into a Dumpster, the Garretts were instead allowed to purchase the place from the bank.

As heartening as these and other individual victories are, however, they remain anomalies. According to Detroit attorney Jerry Goldberg, a leader in the Moratorium Now! movement, warned that people should not be deceived by a` decline in foreclosures last year. There’s good reason to keep the fight against banks going.

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